5 Tips For Pregnant Women Suffering From Whiplash

Posted on: 21 June 2016

If you were in a car accident or another sudden, forceful accident, it is likely that you may experience some form of whiplash. Whiplash is also known as neck strain, and it is caused by the tearing of muscles and tendons in your neck. While this can be an uncomfortable issue for anyone, you may find that your situation is complicated if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant and suffering from whiplash after an accident, you should follow these tips. 

Seek Medical Attention As Soon As Possible 

After any forceful trauma, a pregnant woman should seek medical attention. After a car accident, this means that you should visit the nearest emergency room, even if you are not currently experiencing symptoms. At the emergency room they will examine you and then perform a prenatal exam on your baby. If you and your baby are okay, you should schedule a follow-up exam with your obstetrician. You should also educate yourself about the major symptoms to look for in the weeks following your accident, such as vaginal bleeding, headaches, and dizziness. 

Be Careful With NSAIDs and Other Medications 

If your baby is fine and the only major symptom you are experiencing is whiplash, your doctor may recommend several types of pain relief. The most common pain relief method recommended for whiplash is NSAID medication, such as ibuprofen. At this time, the FDA has found studies regarding NSAIDs and pregnancy inconclusive, but recommends that you speak with your doctor before using any pain medication. You will have to weigh the risk of potential medications and the relief they can provide. 

Consider Visiting a Chiropractor 

Chiropractic treatment is generally considered safe for pregnant women; however, you should find a chiropractor who is experienced with treating pregnant women. There are several methods that a chiropractor can use to help increase the strength of your neck, speed up healing, and decrease the pain you are experiencing. This can include manipulation, muscle relaxation or stimulation, exercises, and lifestyle changes. Visiting a chiropractor may be a low-risk way for you to control your neck pain while you are still pregnant. However, you may have to go for multiple treatments to keep the pain manageable throughout your pregnancy. 

Consider a Full Prenatal Chiropractic Treatment 

While you are at the chiropractor, you should consider treating yourself to a full prenatal chiropractic treatment. This may involve adjusting your lower back to relieve sciatica and lower back pain or improve your posture. This can not only relieve some of your pregnancy symptoms but may also allow you to better support your neck and reduce stress in your back and shoulders. This will help make your whiplash more manageable throughout your pregnancy. 

Work With Your Chiropractor and Obstetrician Throughout Your Pregnancy

Once you begin going to a chiropractor, you should let your obstetrician know. You should make sure to share any developments or issues related to your pregnancy or your whiplash with both practitioners. Keeping both practitioners informed can lead to a better pregnancy and birth for you. For example, your chiropractor can help position your pelvis and baby during late pregnancy if your baby is not in the proper position for birth. If your pain from your whiplash increases and you need medical help to manage the pain, you should work with your obstetrician and chiropractor to find the proper balance between physical manipulation and painkillers to reduce your pain while keeping your baby safe. 

Suffering an accident while pregnant can be traumatic. It is important that you get the proper immediate care and long-term care to keep you and your baby safe after an accident. While going to a chiropractor for whiplash can help, it is important to discuss your decisions with both your chiropractor and your obstetrician.