5 Reasons To Start Chiropractic Care As Soon As You Become Pregnant

Posted on: 13 July 2016

If you have heard about chiropractic practice for pregnant women, you most likely have heard how it can help a woman during late pregnancy. For example, it can help with the lower back pain associated with weight gain and the extra curving of your spine due to your abdomen growing. Additionally, the Webster technique is commonly used to help turn babies who are in a breech position in order to make birth easier and safer for both you and your baby. However, what you may not realize is that chiropractic care can help you have a comfortable, healthy pregnancy throughout your entire pregnancy. You do not have to wait until you are showing to find a chiropractor you trust, and here are a few reasons why starting your care as early as possible is a good idea. 

Limit First Trimester Symptoms 

Even though you likely will not show or feel your baby move during your first trimester, you will still be undergoing extreme physical changes. During the first trimester, hormones to relax your ligaments and prepare for birth are already being released. Additionally, your uterus will grow and may begin to push on your internal organs and spine. Many women experience first trimester symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and joint pain.

Going to see a chiropractor may actually lessen these common symptoms. For example, adjusting your spine may allow for an easier flow of energy, reducing the fatigue you feel. Or your chiropractor may adjust your neck and upper back to help reduce your nausea.  

Just because your pregnancy is not visible to others during your first trimester does not mean that you are not experiencing pregnancy symptoms. Instead of simply enduring these symptoms, you should get as much relief as possible. 

Establish a Routine With Your Chiropractor 

Working with a chiropractor requires trust. You often need to be relaxed in order for your chiropractor to give you the best manipulation possible. If you begin going early in your pregnancy, you will have time to get used to your chiropractor and to learn what to expect during each visit. You may find that as your chiropractor performs similar adjustments each visit, you will be able to relax into them, getting more benefits from them. 

Stop Problems Before They Start 

Many people do not seek out medical help until they are experiencing negative symptoms. While it is important to get relief for your pregnancy symptoms, it is better to practice preventative care, so you do not experience extreme symptoms. For example, getting regular adjustments throughout your pregnancy can help you avoid aches and pains that are common for pregnant women. You may be able to avoid issues with blood circulation and sciatica by treating them before they actually begin.  

Avoid More Complicated Manipulations Late In Pregnancy 

Perhaps the most common time for a pregnant woman to visit a chiropractor is during her eighth or ninth month to help the baby turn into the proper birthing position. The chiropractor will attempt to adjust the pelvis into the correct alignment, allowing room for the baby to turn. However, if your ligaments are too tight or if your pelvis is severely misaligned, this adjustment may not be effective. You may need several adjustments in a short period in order to encourage the baby to turn. 

Alternatively, if you have regular chiropractic visits throughout your pregnancy, it is much more likely that your pelvis will already be aligned, giving the baby enough room to turn into a proper birthing position without extreme manipulations. 

While chiropractic care may benefit you at any stage of your pregnancy, it is a good idea to find a chiropractor you trust and start early in your pregnancy.