Elderly And Worried About Trying Chiropractic Care? Three Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be

Posted on: 17 March 2017

Chiropractic care can benefit people of all ages, from babies to centenarians (people over one hundred years old). If you are in your senior years and you want to try chiropractic care for the first time, but you are worried about it hurting, you should not be. Chiropractors for seniors have taken more advanced courses in anatomy, physiology, and aging of the human body so that they can provide care just for seniors. Here are some more reasons why you should not be concerned about trying chiropractic care in your golden years.

It Relieves Arthritis Pain

Chiropractic therapy has shown to relieve arthritic pain because the chiropractic maneuvers manipulate the bones and muscles back into positions where they are supposed to be. As you age, things move out of position. Gravity plays a part in making your body parts move out of place, and that impacts arthritis in a big way. When your chiropractor moves these bones and muscles back, you may have some temporary pain during the adjustment and right after, but you should notice less pain almost immediately after leaving the chiropractor's office.

It Stretches out Your Vertebrae and Gives Your Nerves Extra Room

Pain is a major problem for seniors. Why? Because as you age, your back bones and discs shrink, hunch over and grind, and the bones in your back (also known as vertebrae) choke off the nerves and blood vessels between these bones. Chiropractic care gets the bones to stretch out straight, which in turn alleviates the pressure on the already thin vertebral discs and gives the blood vessels and nerves more room to breathe and function properly. Continued care has even proven to stretch and straighten dowager's humps (also known as "hunchbacks"), a condition once thought irreversible. Stretches help maintain your progress in this area.

Chiropractic Care Strengthens Muscles So That You Do Not Suffer Dislocations

Dislocated shoulders, hips, and knees are quite common in seniors because their muscles lose density and strength and become loose, allowing the bones to which they are attached to slip in and out of joints. Chiropractic care strengthens muscle groups so that you do not have as many dislocations (if any) as you would have had just sitting about the house all day. If you slip and fall, you may feel pain, but it is less likely to be from a dislocation because the chiropractic care you receive will have helped prevent that.