Activities To Avoid After Your First Chiropractic Adjustment

Posted on: 12 April 2017

When you visit a local chiropractor for your first adjustment to relieve back pain, it's important to think about how you care for yourself afterward. Your body goes through major changes during an adjustment, meaning that it is potentially vulnerable to aggravating the back issuethat your chiropractor is trying to help. The better you care for yourself after your appointment, the quicker you have the potential to heal. As such, avoiding the following activities after your chiropractic adjustment is generally in your best interest.

Driving Long Distances

It's best to avoid sitting in the car for a lengthy duration after your first chiropractic adjustment. Car seats may seem comfortable, but they aren't always conducive to proper back health. For example, if your car seat doesn't offer lumbar support, your lower back may be at risk of slouching — and this could worsen the injury that you're trying to add through chiropractic care. It's ideal to drive home, rather than run errands, for example, after an adjustment. If you have a lengthy drive, your chiropractor may advise stopping partway and getting out to stretch. If you're visiting a highly recommended chiropractor in a different city, you may wish to consider staying overnight in a hotel to avoid a long drive after the adjustment.

Playing Sports

Playing sports is generally a poor idea after your chiropractic adjustment. Even if you're eager to get active, the positions that you can put your back in during a variety of sports may be problematic. For example, even if you're playing recreational softball, the twisting of your back when you swing the bat may be detrimental to your back health. Similarly, jumping and turning during a game of basketball could threaten your back health. If you're an avid athlete, it's a good idea to get clearance from your chiropractor before you resume your chosen sports.

Sitting At Work

Although you can return to work after your chiropractic adjustment in some jobs, it's best to avoid doing so if you sit all day. Remaining in the seated position, especially if your office chair does a poor job of supporting your body, can potentially undo the positive changes made during your adjustment. Office setups can be detrimental to your back health in a number of ways, including the relationship between the height of your chair and the height of your desk, too. If you're able to go straight home after your adjustment, it's a good idea.