Visit A Chiropractor For Help With Degenerative Disc Disease

Posted on: 31 January 2018

Degenerative disc disease is a difficult condition that often affects peoples' necks. Characterized by discomfort and a lack of range of motion, this condition can make you feel as though eventual surgery is your only option. Fortunately, you can often find relief by visiting your local chiropractor, who is likely an expert in treating degenerative disc disease. While it might take a few appointments for you to notice a significant improvement, especially if you've had this condition for years and haven't had it treated, it's a comfort to know that relief is on its way. Here are some ways that your chiropractor can help with this condition.

Neck Adjustments

When your neck isn't in correct alignment, the discs may be putting more pressure on one another, and this can cause them to wear down to the point that you're experiencing pain. The discs in your neck can get misaligned for a number of different reasons, but a chiropractor's adjustments can restore the proper alignment to alleviate this pressure. If your neck is sore because of your degenerative disc disease, don't be intimidated about adjustments — chiropractors are extremely gentle when it comes to adjusting their patients' necks, and even some moderate adjustments can be beneficial for alleviating your discomfort.


Not every chiropractor practices acupuncture, but many do — or have a colleague who works in the same office who is trained in this discipline. You'll often find that chiropractors advocate the use of acupuncture for patients with degenerative disc disease. One of the chief attributes of acupuncture is the manner in which it promotes blood flow, and increased blood flow is integral to healing. By working on your neck to open up restrictions, your practitioner can encourage blood flow to this area to aid in your body healing itself.

Soft Tissue Treatments

Not every part of a visit to the chiropractor's office involves adjustments. When you're suffering from degenerative disc disease, your chiropractor will often use soft tissue treatments to alleviate discomfort in the affected area. Severe cases of degenerative disc disease can make your entire neck feel sore and inflamed, so you can expect your chiropractor to work on the muscles and ligaments in the surrounding area with gentle techniques that resemble what you might encounter during a visit to your massage therapist's clinic. With dedication to these above methods, your chiropractor can significantly alleviate your degenerative disc disease pain.