3 Good Reasons To See A Chiropractor After Heart Surgery

Posted on: 9 January 2019

When you have had heart surgery, it is likely that your doctor has recommended certain post-op rules to be followed. If you are a regular chiropractic patient, you may assume that staying away from the chiropractor after you have had heart surgery is a good idea. However, chiropractic care after surgery is not something that should be automatically deemed as bad, even after cardiovascular surgery. In some cases, getting an adjustment or seeing your chiropractor for advice can actually be a useful tool to aid your recovery. Take a look at some of the reasons it can be good to visit a chiropractor for spinal treatment after you have had heart surgery. 

Potentially see a reduction in your pain levels. 

Pain medications are often prescribed after heart surgery because there can be a fair amount of pain and inflammation around the sternum. However, pain medications can be really bad for the body, can be habit forming, and can even be hard on the functions or your organs. Chiropractors are capable of providing pain relief for a lot of patients through manipulations and adjustments, and they can do some of these techniques safely even after you have had cardiovascular surgery. Therefore, you may get a reduction in pain levels so you do not feel the need for so much prescription medication. 

Spinal manipulation can help improve lung capacity. 

There have actually been studies to prove that chiropractic adjustments can help your breathing. One study done in 2016 showed that individuals who received chiropractic adjustments had significant increases in lung volume. Breathing issues can be a problem after heart surgery because the muscles that surround the lungs and the lungs themselves can be in a weakened state. Therefore, having chiropractic treatment with your doctor's approval may actually help you breathe better after you've had surgery. 

Keep your musculoskeletal system limber. 

Having to take it easy for long periods after heart surgery can be really hard on your musculoskeletal system, especially if you are an older adult or already have problems with things like arthritis, or aching joints or limbs. By visiting a chiropractor for regular adjustments during your recovery period after heart surgery, you will help your muscles, joints, and skeletal structure stay limber. A lot of patients who have had heart surgery have circulatory concerns that have to be monitored after surgery, and treatments and adjustments can help encourage natural blood flow as well.