What Can Your Chiropractor Do For You If You're Pregnant?

Posted on: 15 July 2019

Are you pregnant and feeling uncomfortable? When you are with child, your body changes in many ways, causing your back to feel sore, your legs to feel cramped, and your body to feel swollen and tight nearly all over. Your doctor may even prescribe you painkillers that are considered safe to take even when pregnant, just so you can feel some relief.

A more natural way to get your body feeling more in tune with the way you'd like to feel is to utilize the services of a chiropractor. Your chiropractor can actually assist you in many ways, allowing you to feel better about yourself and feel less stressed out, which is definitely healthy for your baby. You should talk to your obstetrician about going to a chiropractor for your leg pain, back pain, sciatica, and other types of discomforts and pain to see if they can assist you.

What can your chiropractor do for you if you're pregnant? Surprisingly, a lot. Here are some ways your chiropractor can assist you.

Strengthen your pelvic floor

Your chiropractor can help you strengthen your pelvic floor, which in turn can help make your body more comfortable, better aligned, and stronger for delivering your baby. You will be able to feel more in control with the exercises and manipulations your chiropractor can do for you, which will then allow you to feel better when it comes time to have your baby. Keep in mind that your pelvic floor can also be worked with after delivery to reduce accidental urine leakage as well, so talk to your chiropractor about ongoing services.

Limit your nerve pain

The larger your baby gets in your belly, the more distended your back and spine starts to feel. Your body is designed to handle the changes made by a growing fetus, but this doesn't mean you won't have nerve pain in your upper back, lower back, buttocks, neck, and shoulders. Your chiropractor will work with you to help reduce or eliminate this discomfort by doing special massages and exercises. These measures of care won't hurt your unborn baby and will help you be more mobile and comfortable even as your body continues changing.

If you go to your chiropractor on a regular basis during pregnancy, you can make your symptoms much better. Don't ever try to manage your pregnancy issues entirely on your own; rather, do what you can to help make yourself feel better by letting your chiropractor help.

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