Seek Guidance With Regaining Mobility And Strength In Your Hand

Posted on: 7 October 2019

A broken hand, including several fractured fingers, does not always guarantee that healing will occur without any issues. Although your hand is safely mobilized inside of a cast for the time being, you may have difficulty moving your hand if the injury was extensive or if surgery was required during your initial visit to a bone specialist. An injury rehab clinic is a business that offers services that will assist with regaining the range of motion and strength that you are accustomed to.

Not Everyone's Situation Is The Same

Bone density, overall health, and past injuries can all come into play when determining the severity of your injury. The manner in which you broke your hand and the length of your healing process will also be assessed. Because each injury is unique and your needs may differ than those of someone else who has broken their hand and fingers, a custom approach will be utilized when coming up with a treatment plan.

Before you are seen by a specialist, your orthopedist will remove your cast and take x-rays of your hand and fingers. If you are deemed to be in well enough shape to receive therapeutic services, you will be referred to a specialist at an injury rehab clinic.

During an assessment, your medical records will be reviewed and your hand will be examined. The manner in which you are able to move your hand and fingers will help a clinician determine a rehabilitation program that will help you regain strength and movement in each of your appendages.

Exercise And A Healthy Routine Are Vital

The amount of time that it takes for you to regain muscle movement will be dependent upon your dedication to the treatment program. Each clinician who works at a rehab clinic is aware of the difficulty that many patients face when beginning a treatment regimen. Discomfort, joint swelling, and mental and physical exhaustion can take a toll on you and make you feel as if you are stuck in a rut.

The person who is assigned to aid you with your treatment plan will be similar to a coach. They will demonstrate some exercises that will assist with your recovery and will encourage you to mimic each movement. A complete recovery will take some time and work, but it is possible to erase the signs of damage. Keep your head up, listen to your mentor, and maintain a healthy lifestyle to assist with reaching your goals.