Who Do You See For Leg Pain? Chiropractor Vs. Orthopedic Care

Posted on: 21 June 2022

Have you been dealing with leg pain, and the trips to a general doctor don't seem to be paying off? You might need to see a specialist. How do you choose the right doctor for your problem with different specialists available? You can use the Internet, ask for suggestions, or ask your doctor to recommend a specialist for your leg. The two main recommendations that will pop up during your research are an orthopedic doctor and a chiropractor. So, who should you see?

Treatment Approach

Both specialists treat similar symptoms. Nevertheless, their treatment approach varies. Orthopedics mostly recommends physical therapy and orthopedic surgery. In orthopedic surgery, the surgeon inserts metal screws or plates to offer additional support to the musculoskeletal structure and stabilize it. Surgery is majorly recommended for weak bones that are fractured or broken. It can also be recommended for strained ligaments.

In contrast, chiropractic care aims to treat the nervous system and spine, as they are the pathways organs use to communicate. Chiropractors believe if the spine is well aligned and the nervous system free from interference, your body can function optimally. Thus, it can relieve symptoms and restore mobility and functionality to the highest achievable level.

Besides the pain you feel in your leg, a chiropractor can also help you manage other symptoms from the pain like stiffness, chronic headaches, and general tightness. An orthopedic surgeon cannot address these health issues.

Which Specialist Should You Visit?

Irrespective of what happened to your leg, determining the origin of your pain can be a complicated process that only a specialist can handle. So, if visiting a general doctor or self-medicating isn't helping, you need to see a specialist to solve your problem. It can be hard to decide the ideal specialist for you with different medical specialists and confusing information on specialists on the Internet.

Every specialist is distinct and holds their unique place in medicine, so, they aren't substitutes. However, due to the invasive and sensitive nature of surgery, it is best considered a last resort once other treatment attempts have failed.

Get More Information

When going through any pain, you need to seek proper medical attention from the right specialist. If you are unsure of the best specialist for your leg pain, you can reach out to us today for more information and reliable advice. Remember, the path to relief begins when you take action. So, stop sitting on the sidelines and step back into action today!

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